Traditionella europeiska fönster med aluminiumbeklädnad utvändigt, som skyddar fönstren mot miljöpåverkan såsom regn, smuts och solljus.

Observera: Denna fönstermodell kan inte fås bågformig eller som skjut- eller ytterdörr.

Uw 1.00 W/m2*K**
Rw 36 dB**
Pane 2–3 glass unit
Warranty 5 years.*

* The warranty for window outdoor topping is provided subject to the type of wood and painting.

** Uw and Rw calculated for a window:

Measurements: height 1480 mm, width 1230 mm.
Type of opening: internal opening, right. 
Bindings: ROTO. Fastening: 7 fixing points in perimeter. 
Gaskets: SCHLEGEL foam. Sealing sets: 2.
Pane: glass unit, 4-16Ar-4-14Ar-4 (two glasses covered with selective openings filled with argon gas, differential frames are aluminium).

Material used:
Types of wood: tenon pine, non-tenon pine, meranti, larch, gumtree, oak, etc.
Painting: Teknos/Finland/
Aluminium profiles: Gutmann/Germany/
Bindings: Roto/Germany/G. U./Germany/
Glasses: Saint-Gobain/France/
Gaskets: Schlegel Q-Lon/Germany/
Handles: Hoppe Atlanta/Germany/
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