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Wooden Scandinavian-Type Windows

Outward-opening or Scandinavian-type wooden windows are manufactured by implementing old Scandinavian methods and technologies and using a similar profile. This type of wooden windows are produced and used in Scandinavia. The main difference between Scandinavian and European wooden windows is that the former opens outwards.

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This type of wood window opening is normally used in Denmark, Norway, France, Finland, and Sweden. They are popular in the coastal countries because an outward hand of a wood window when exposed to a strong wind makes a wing to be tightly pressed to the casement contributing to proper insulation. We carry out an individual approach to each client, selecting the options fully satisfying their needs or requirements.

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Scandinavian type wood windows options for opening.

gamalangai wooden window opening drawing small180° tilt-and turn wood windows or „Top Swing“. The wing opens from bottom to top; it is possible to turn it completely around 180°, which is helpful for outside glass washing. The handle of special shape and size placed horizontally at the bottom of the door wing facilitates easy-to- use opening and closing.


90° sliding or „Top Sliding“. This opening system is helpful for wood window-washing when you can get access from the facade. This type of opening provides for maximum air inflow into the room during ventilation. Wood Window handles are included into the delivery package of the product.

Tilt- and- turn or„Top hung“. The wood window wing is raised from bottom to top. It may contain the old-fashioned hinges or handles for closing; hinges can be made of galvanized steel.

A pivoted wing, standard way of window opening or „Side opening“, is available with hinges for wood window opening and closing in different modes or a handle. According to a client’s request hinges can be made of galvanized steel, white colour or decorative.

Sliding, casement windows or „Side sliding“ present a new type of opening, perfectly easy-to- clean. Especially popular in multi-floor buildings

A blind (fixed light) or „Fixed window“ consists of a frame and glass unit. The window does not open and is mainly used in case when outside access is available. Blind windows are mostly used for shop window glazing as well as in cases when wood windows are not supposed to be used for ventillation.