Social responsibility

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Langų Gama Ltd pays special attention to the safety of its employees. The company has implemented certified and European Union standards ensuring occupational safety and the health guarantee system. A friendly and collaborative working environment does not only help to achieve excellent business results, but also contributes to greater changes reaching the entire society. We believe that one should start from themselves—their family and workplace. We have established a tolerant atmosphere that furthers professional development and we encourage and train beginners in the market. The company actively supports the idea of integrating into society people with limited capacity for work. We work together and encourage the disabled to believe in their capabilities.
The environment in which we live and which will be inherited by our children is important to us. By taking care of our beautiful, comfortable, and healthy home environment, we do not lose track of our greater home—mother nature. We utilise modern and clean technologies, we apply environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes, and we are considerate of the processing of industrial waste. The company uses only ecological wood for the production of windows. The wood is purchased from suppliers that follow the principles of sustainable development. We make sure that all of the materials used for frame impregnation and painting comply with the international standards for ecology. We do not use formaldehyde or lead carbonate, which cause health hazards. Our exceptionally warm windows comply with the highest energy efficiency class and can be adapted for passive houses that save energy resources. High quality ecological wood is the basis of our products. We therefore not only appreciate the gifts that nature has bestowed upon us, but we also remember to say a huge thank you for them.