1. What services does Langų gama JSC provide?

We specialise in the production of wooden windows, doors and facade constructions. Our long-term experience in these areas enables us to offer the highest-level consultations and design services, as well as production, installation and product maintenance. For more information about our services, please see.


2.What warranty do you give to wooden windows and doors?

We give a 5-year warranty to all our products and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for the fitting. Upon your request, our fixer will evaluate the condition of your wooden windows or doors twice a year and carry out maintenance works, if necessary.


3.What is important in choosing wooden windows or doors?

The most important parameters are the following: quality of production, energy efficiency, sound insulation, durability, safety, functionality, manufacturer’s warranty. For the most useful tips, please see here.


4.Do you produce wooden windows and doors for passive houses?

Yes, we use such heat economy solutions as window and door consolidation with aluminium, and additional insulation. Therefore, we can offer wooden windows and doors which comply with the requirements of thermal efficiency applied to passive houses.


5.How to choose a type of wood for future windows and doors?

After the evaluation of your individual needs, our specialists will help you choose a type of wood. For example, pine windows will be cheaper and oak windows are extremely durable, while the ones produced from larch are more resistant to the environmental exposure. For the most useful tips, please see here.


6.Do you produce non-standard windows and doors?

Yes, we are professionals in producing non-standard wooden windows and doors. We can design, produce and fit wooden windows and doors of practically any form, dimensions, constructions and sets. Please see our implemented non-standard wooden windows solutions.


7. Do you produce secure windows and doors which are hard to handle for housebreakers?

Yes. We use advanced security solutions: from secure binding and special handles to laminated or tempered glass packages and alarm sensors. We mount constructional door parts that protect from housebreakers and secure locking systems.


8.Do you produce plastic windows and doors?

No. We use wood for the production of windows and doors. This is a natural, durable, renewable material that perfectly retains heat and is permeable to air. For this reason, wooden windows and doors help you avoid an excessive moisture and prevent occurrence of mould which is peculiar with plastic windows.


9.Are your products ecologic and not harmful to health?

Yes. We produce wooden windows and doors from natural ecologic wood which are processed by using organic paints. We do not use formaldehydes, lead carbonates or other materials that are harmful to health. Thus, our products are natural and may be used even by allergic people.


10. Do you install your produced windows and doors?

Yes. All our products are installed by experienced specialists who know the features of products and suitable installation principles best. It is very important if you want to ensure comfortability when using products and their lifetime.


11. What is a lifecycle of windows and doors?

Properly maintained wooden products will satisfy you at least for several decades. Their lifetime is influenced by good qualities, technologies used in the production and additional measures increasing resistance, e.g. exterior frame consolidation with aluminium.


12. Do wooden windows and doors need special maintenance?

These are one of the most easily maintained natural products. More details on maintenance of surfaces and glass packages are provided in the product maintenance instruction and their cheap cleaning agents may be found in many supermarkets. For the most useful tips, please see here.


13. How to keep your windows from fogging-up?

We recommend you to choose wooden windows rather than the plastic ones because wooden windows are permeable to air and much less prone to fogging-up than plastic windows. It is also advisable to adjust the humidity of premises. If there is too much moist at home, even a product of the highest quality will fog up. For the most useful tips, please see here.