produkcijos-ft2Established in 2009, Langų Gama Ltd is a company that manufactures wooden windows, front doors, and façade structures. Its greatest aim from the very beginning has always been the achievement of the highest quality. Therefore, Lithuanian and international customers, who appreciate our exceptional products, remember our name. Our products have granted us various international certificates and awards. However, the greatest achievement and praise is that our current customers recommend us to other people.

  • Wooden windows

    In the manufacture of wooden windows, we use selected organic wood that is durable and long-lasting, excellent in harsh climates. Multi-layer wood glued together using special technologies protects window frames from deformation, while the glass units ensure good light transmittance and do not let the cold, heat, noise, and ultraviolet rays through.

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  • Front doors

    Price of front doors:  What influences it?

    While fitting out home, everyone wants to create a heart-warming and comfortable environment where the entire family would feel safe. When creating safe home, such elements as front doors and windows are very significant since unwelcome persons can enter the house through them. Therefore, if you want your home to be an oasis of safety, you must properly take care of it. All doors offered by us are produced with special structural parts that protect against housebreakers and can be fitted with selected secure locking systems. Furthermore, a door style brings cosiness to home, i.e. warm front doors and windows will help you create a pleasant atmosphere at home. After all, guests will evaluate the door and conception of the beauty of its owner when waiting for it to be opened. So, what should you know before buying a front door? What are its major properties? How do they influence the price of a front door?


    Front door  – original piece of your interior


    Interior doors separate home spaces. In order to achieve harmony, all doors should be produced from the same wood or at least be of a similar style and model. If they are very different and do not match with each other, then home environment will hardly be harmonious. Not enough attention is paid to interior or front doors by giving priority to the finishing of walls and ceiling, furniture and other room accents. This is not good as later on the possibilities of a door selection can be narrowed and you will buy something else than what you wanted.

    Front doors are the most durable. They no longer deform as it used to be earlier because up-to- date technologies are applied for their production. Earlier doors produced from one massive wood beam used to widen or shrink under different temperatures. In order to avoid it, nowadays front doors are produced by using several layers of wood that are glued together and this is the reason why such doors do not change their form. The doors are produced only from natural wood. Thus, they are perfect for the houses where people suffer from respiratory diseases. Natural wood brings cosiness and warmth both to the exterior and interior of the home. Wood goes perfect with glass and hard metals, so if you have items from these materials at home, you can create interesting and unusual combinations. Doors with glass are frequently chosen for the exit to the terrace and yard. This opens up a beautiful view and more sunlight gets into a house. Also, premises and interior furniture are protected from ultraviolet rays.


    Front door  – unique properties and optimal price


    The price of a front door is variable and depends on wood fibre, dimensions, installation, and decoration. However, their properties are the same: they are very firm and remain in place at least for several decades. If you are fed up with your front doors but do not want to replace them with the new ones due to considerable costs, then you can restore them, i.e. repaint or change a pattern and the doors will look totally new. Wooden front doors have an excellent sound insulation and retain the warmth at home. Such doors will not allow excessive moisture and mould to prevail at home since wood is permeable to moisture. The outer and inner sides of doors can significantly differ but it is not so popular in our country yet. Most frequently both door sides have the same colour, texture, and only sometimes the exterior of front doors is decorated with various patterns or geometric shapes. If you want to feel the sense of individuality, you can choose a decorated handle of a subtle form. This will add originality and will be less visible.

    We suggest a wide choice of doors to private houses and companies. Those who look for the firm doors can choose the doors covered with aluminium. It durably protects doors from damages but does not burden their constructions and functioning.  

      Wooden front doors: framed and frameless front door constructions Wooden front doors are most frequently ordered in our company as they symbolize solidity and there are plenty of variants of their installation. At the moment, we offer a huge selection of classical and special wooden front doors to our customers. Therefore, if you wish to decorate the exterior of your house, flat or cottage, feel safe at home and protect yourself from the noise outside, you definitely have to choose them.

    Qualitative front doors have excellent operation properties and technical characteristics. Modern technologies ensure that such doors are not worse than the metal ones in terms of firmness and security. Besides, only natural materials have so many aesthetic possibilities – each type of wood has its special design and texture, and such features can be additionally highlighted by using modern decorating techniques.

    Front doors differ not only by type of wood (oak, pine, rosewood, etc.) but also by their construction (framed and frameless doors). The surface of wood is processed with special materials. Due to this reason, front doors become resistant to any weather conditions – moisture, rainfall, or direct sunlight. Therefore, the lifetime of a door construction significantly prolongs.  

    Let’s look at the peculiarities and properties of framed and frameless front door constructions.


    Framed front door constructions:

    This is a type of doors where a wooden frame is used and the doors which are produced from a solid tree and glued wood beam or glass package. Such doors will not be mixed with any others – always clearly visible frame and separate door decorative elements, texture, patterns, etc. are highlighted. The construction of framed wooden front doors is reinforced. This ensures a proper level of firmness and sound insulation. The frame is produced from a solid or glued beam, and it usually consists of four parts.  

    Properties of a framed front door:  

    Good possibilities for decoration

    Properties of such door constructions give freedom to a variety of decorative solutions where layout techniques prevail. They can be glassed-in, have various fillings and be consolidated with aluminium. There is a variety of models to select from.


    Durability and reliability

    Framed front doors – this a construction with a threshold and insulation. Processing with various modern materials affects the lifetime of such doors, i.e. several decades (up to 30 years).  


    Easy to repair

    An important property of a framed front door is that it is easy to repair. If any part of a door is damaged, you do not have to replace the whole door and can change only its individual parts.  


    Affordable price

    One of the advantages of a framed front door is its price. It is much lower than a panel (frameless) door, although the door is very resistant to climate exposure and has good thermal and sound insulation properties.  


    Frameless front doors or panel front doors:


    This is a frame construction insulated from inside. Such doors outpace framed constructions in terms of design possibilities – you can choose from several tens of variants and various styles of doors. The door panel is covered with a shield which is resistant to moisture. Therefore, doors can withstand both mechanical loads, various moisture and air temperature fluctuations, and this is very relevant in Lithuania, where climate often changes and the level of moisture and rainfall amounts are quite high. Interior fillings produced from modern materials ensure good thermal and sound insulation properties.


    Frameless front doors can be solid or glassed-in, have modern shockproof glass packages used for their glazing. The attractiveness of doors is emphasized by final decorative finish, for which natural wood and other materials are used.  


    Features of frameless front doors:

    Protection from frost and noise

    Materials and fillings are used for the manufacture of frameless wooden front door. Also, special ways of combining materials create excellent indicators of sound and thermal insulation. Such doors will certainly protect from the noise in the street and frost, and make you feel safe at home.  

    Nice looking and plenty of decoration techniques

    Modern frameless wooden front doors with finish look very attractive. You can choose from various finishing colours, shades and textures and create a special and original design of a door.  

    Reliability and firmness

    Frameless front doors are stable and resistant to deformations. Modern door locks will protect your house from breaking and make you feel safe for your property.

    Resistance to external factors

    Frameless doors are produced from the materials which are resistant to climate conditions, such as frost, sunlight, moisture and rainfall. In our country, where rain, snow and moisture are very frequent, this is a very important feature. Such doors will reliably serve you for a long time.

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  • Unique solutions

    Modern buildings typically have one of two types of façades: classical façades, comprised of wood, aluminium, and glass, and frameless structure façades, where only glass is visible from the outside. The latter type can be easily incorporated in various architectural projects and can be installed on different planes and at any façade depth.

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