Expert advice

Wooden windows and doors create a comfortable, cosy, and healthy environment at home, and provide home with natural light and fresh air. Properly manufactured and installed windows also help to save energy and significantly reduce heating costs.

What doors and windows are energy-efficient?

Highly-quality, tight wooden windows and doors are called energy-efficient in terms of heat-saving materials. The energy efficiency of such products is measured by using the heat transfer coefficient (Uw). You can find this indicator at each model of the windows and doors manufactured by Langų gama JSC. Depending on the climate conditions and the type of a building you are planning to use windows, our experts will help you choose energy-efficient wooden windows and doors which are best for your building.

How are energy-efficient wooden doors and windows manufactured?

Modern technologies are used in the manufacture of energy-efficient wooden windows and doors, and high-quality structural and insulating materials are used to ensure the tightness of products preventing heat loss. After all, the heat can be lost through poor-quality, obsolete, misused or inadequately installed windows. So, when choosing new wooden windows and doors, check out if their main parts, such as frames, glass packages, and insulating materials, are of high quality and have energy-saving properties. Also pay attention to the ways to open wooden windows and doors: some of their opening positions allow the air flow to be limited by ventilation of the premises and thus increase the energy efficiency of the entire house.

Do you produce windows and doors for passive buildings of energy-efficiency class A+ and A++?

Yes, our modern technology and many years of experience allow us to produce extremely warm and tight wooden windows and doors for passive buildings of energy-efficiency class A+ and A++. When producing wooden windows and doors for passive houses, we use heat-saving glass packages, additional sealing gaskets and, in addition, we heat window frames with polyurethane foam. Also, we can additionally cover frames with aluminium profiles from the outside. When manufacturing wooden windows and doors for the buildings of energy-efficiency class A+ and A++, we use additional heat-saving measures that meet the high thermal efficiency requirements of such a building.

Is it important how energy efficient windows are installed?

Yes, very much. In order wooden windows and doors would be energy-efficient, they must be not only professionally manufactured but also professionally installed in the future premises. Therefore, we recommend to entrust this work to Langų Gama JSC specialists who are best at understanding the specifics and functioning of their products.