Expert advice

High-quality wooden windows and doors provide the home with natural sunlight, perfectly isolate the heat, and create a healthy microclimate. However, in order to save energy and reduce heating costs, they must be not only professionally manufactured and qualitatively installed but also properly arranged in a building.

Consider the environment

When considering how to arrange wooden windows and doors, it is necessary to evaluate not only the position of a building with respect to the directions of the world but also its environment. Check whether the sun that gets through the wooden windows and doors will not be blocked by surrounding buildings, trees, fences and other objects.

Choose the southern side

Usually, in Lithuania, it is recommended to direct wooden windows of the premises where we spend most of our time to the south-east and southwest. In the living room, most of the wooden windows are recommended to be installed on the southern side of a house because it get the biggest amount of sunlight. At the technical premises, the location of windows is usually not so important, so they can also be oriented to the north. Specific lighting requirements are required in the workshop and kitchen where there is a need for a large amount of diffused light. Such light is guaranteed by wooden windows oriented to the north, north-east, and north-west.

Avoid overheating

In our climate zone, if most of the wooden windows are on the southern side, you should not worry that premises will overheat in summer. This problem is easy to solve by covering windows with curtains, interior or exterior blinds, and awnings or shutters. In addition, manufacturers of wooden windows and doors can offer technical solutions, such as window glazing with tinted or selective glass which limits the flow of light, heat transfer, and protects against harmful UV rays. For example, some of the most popular glass packages used by Langų gama JSC are coated with a selective coating. This metallic dust coating on the inner side of the glass reflects the heat passing through the glass package as a mirror passes light. In winter, this coating helps to retain heat and in summer it does not allow the sun to overheat the premises so they are pleasantly cool.

Individual solution

It should be kept in mind that the orientation of wooden windows and doors is a very individual issue and depends on a particular building. So, before deciding on the arrangement of wooden windows and doors, consult architects and professional window manufacturers.