Expert advice

Would you like new wooden windows and doors to help you create not only warmer, cosy, lighter but also safer home? Langų gama JSC will offer you simple and effective solutions for increasing the safety of wooden windows and doors.

What kind of wooden window or door security do you need?

Wooden windows and doors can be manufactured with different levels of security. Having assessed the individuality of your home, manufacturer's specialists will help you choose the right security level. For example, it is recommended to install additional security accessories in windows and doors in those areas where burglaries are more frequent. Private residents, especially residents of neighbouring settlements, should concern of their own security. The security of wooden windows and doors should be enhanced for the ground floor of apartment buildings since burglars get into such apartments much easier. In addition, in addition it is recommended to protect those wooden windows and doors which lead into the rear courtyards, are more difficult to spot from the street, or blocked by trees and buildings. Safer wooden windows and doors will be useful in a house where you do not intend to live permanently, e.g. a garden house or a holiday villa. When considering the security of windows or doors, it is important to note that the entire product should meet a similar level of security. In addition, it must be professionally manufactured and properly installed.

Advanced solutions for protecting windows and doors

All wooden windows or doors manufactured by Langų gama JSC should have at least one safe corner. We also install globally recognized HOPPE handles. The patented system SECUSTIK fitted in these handles prevents fittings from slipping. This means that it is simple and convenient to operate such a handle from inside but a special bearing system will not allow the burglar to slip the fittings from outside. By turning a handle SECUSTIK, you will hear a nice thrust which only confirms that the bearing system works well and that your wooden windows are additionally protected.

We also offer extremely secure wooden window and door fittings, and lockable handles. The latter will not only operate as a protection against curious children who put themselves into danger but also prevent a burglar from opening a broken window from inside. We can also install invisible signalling sensors into wooden windows and doors which will signal to the security service that a window or a door has been opened.
We install the locks of the company GRETSCH-UNITAS with more than 100 years of experience into wooden outdoor doors. Locks G.U-SECURY AUTOMATIC specially adapted to wooden doors comply with security class WK2.

Glass packets will make wooden windows and doors more secure. We can offer tempered glass which is mechanically much more resistant than an ordinary one, and even when broken it falls to small but not sharp pieces. In addition, our manufactured wooden windows and doors with laminated glass will help you prevent dangerous fracturing glass pieces.