Expert advice

Glass packages are one of the largest and most important parts of wooden windows and doors. It will really depend on them whether wooden windows and doors will retain warmth, let the sunlight inside, isolate noise, and protect against dangerous breaking. We will advise you what to pay attention to when choosing glass packages for wooden windows and doors.



Warmth is essential


Do you want to feel comfortable at home and maybe even reduce the cost of heating? Then consider the heat transfer coefficient of glass packages (W/2K). It shows how glass packages keep warmth in the room: the lower the coefficient, the less heat is lost.

The ability of glass packages to retain warmth depends on the type of a complete set: the type of glass (simple or selective), thickness, number of glass, filling in-between, frames, etc. For example, the heat transfer coefficient in double-glazed glass packages is 2.80. And after placing double glass, one of which is coated with a selective coating, and filling the gap in-between with argon gas, the heat transfer coefficient will decrease to 1.10. In our climate zone, wooden windows or doors with triple-glazed glass packages, which are both covered with a selective coating, and the gap in-between is filled with argon gas, is particularly useful. The heat transfer coefficient of such glass packets is up to 0.65.

In the case of gas, argon gas filler is successfully retained for more than 60 years in an airtight glass package. If you want even warmer wooden windows or doors, gaps between the glass can be filled with xenon or krypton gas.

By the way, the warmth of the glass packages also depends on what the frames in-between the glass are made of. Modern wood windows and doors are fitted with plastic frames that keep warmth better than used aluminium.

Safety, solar control and sound insulation


The ability to retain warmth is an important but not the only feature of glass packages that should be taken into account when assembling wooden windows and doors. We use Saint-Gobain Glass, the leading French manufacturer in Europe, to offer a wide range of glass safety, solar control, UV protection, and noise insulation solutions.

For those who want safer wooden windows or doors, we recommend not a simple but tempered glass because it is 5 times more resistant to impact and even when broken it remains not sharp. It is also possible to choose a laminated glass coated with a film that prevents the glass from falling apart. Even in case of a very strong impact, the glass will only crack - pieces of glass will stick to the film and let safely wait until the glass is replaced.
If your house is always under sunshine, you should choose glass with UV filters. Solar control glass, tinted or mirror glass will help you protect against overheating and reduce the cost of air conditioning in summer.

And if new wooden windows and doors are directed to a busy street or another source of strong noise, it is advisable to consult the experts of wooden window manufacturers for sound insulating glass packages.