Expert advice

Wooden windows and doors are made from the finest quality wood which makes them moisture resistant, air conductive and reliably retaining heat. These wood products will retain good qualities and excellent looking for many years if you take a proper care of them. Therefore, we advise you how to clean and protect painted and varnished surfaces of wooden windows and doors.

How often should you clean surfaces?

Painted or varnished surfaces of wooden windows and doors should be thoroughly cleaned at least a couple of times a year. It is best to do it during spring or autumn cleaning processes. Thus, you will not only save an aesthetic appearance but also avoid unwanted lichens and moulds.
What agents should be used to clean the surface?

Do not use aggressive household, powder or abrasive cleaners! They can damage the varnish, glass, window fittings, and change the colour of the wood. Always use special agents for cleaning wooden windows and doors, and follow the manufacturer's label instructions.
We recommend to use the agent TEKNOCLEAN for removing old and solid dirt, grease and other impurities. Additionally, clean a neat surface with a water soaked soft sponge or cloth.

Be careful when cleaning other surfaces, such as masonry, which are next to a wooden window or a door. Before cleaning them, thoroughly cover windows or doors so that other materials agents would not get onto them. If this could not be avoided and the acid detergent got onto the windows or doors, rinse the surface immediately with clean water.

Why should the surfaces be covered with protective measures?

For wooden windows and doors serve for a long time, their varnished or painted surfaces must be periodically covered with protective measures. They help to prevent damage to products caused by environmental factors, such as sun, humidity, and temperature differences. As a result, wooden windows and doors covered with protective measures remain nice and glossy for longer, and their coatings are more elastic and less catching dirt.
How often should the surfaces be covered with protective measures?
Properly cleaned painted surfaces should be covered with protective measures once a year (preferably before winter) and varnished - a couple of times a year (in spring and autumn).

What protective measures should be used for covering surfaces?

We recommend to use TEKNOVAX or GLASURIT QUICK & EASY. Following the manufacturer's instructions, apply them with a cloth or sponge. No additional surface polishing is required.