Expert advice

Wooden window and door glass packages do not require special care. However, it is very important to protect them against cracks and clean with special agents. What should you pay attention to?

Strong wind

The glass may crack because of the window sash slamming caused by the draft. Therefore, do not leave open wooden doors and windows unattended. When the wind is strong, it is better not to open them.

Tinted glasses

Unevenly hot glass surface decomposes and gives rise to a thermoset (typically at a temperature difference of more than 36°C). How should you avoid it? First of all, do not stick any films on the glass because they cause uneven heating of the surface. When choosing tinted glass, make sure that the entire surface of the house glasses is evenly lit or shaded. Otherwise, the glass may heat unevenly and thus crack.
Heating and cooling equipment.

Wooden window and door glass must be at least 20 cm from the heating appliances and at least 30 cm from cookers and refrigerators. Heating appliances, if they are adjacent to the glass, should not be hotter than 65°C. When using calorifiers, do not direct the hot air to the glass.
It is also not recommended to put cooling and conditioning equipment near the glass.


At the start of the heating season, the radiator temperature should be increased gradually rather than suddenly. In winter, glass also often cracks in non-heated rooms. Thus, it is advisable to heat non-used premises at least a little bit.


Fit internal and external blinds so that they do not touch the glass. Due to different metal and glass temperatures, the latter can crack. Thus, keep a distance of at least 2 cm between the blinds and the glass.


If the glass cracked, seal a thick sticky tape in different directions across the cracking area. Put a cardboard or another material on the floor to protect the floor in case the glass breaks.


Do you see greasy stains after wiping the glass several times with a chemical detergent? This means that you use an inappropriate detergent. Clean the glass only with detergent for this purpose after reading its instruction for use. Never clean with powder or abrasive cleaners, and do not use rough sponges, cloths, scissors, knives and other sharp objects to remove dirt as you can scratch the glass.